A Q-Methodology study to explore stakeholder perspectives on public health policy

Even when stakeholders share a commitment to promote public health, opinions about how to best achieve this goal may differ significantly. This is not surprising since different stakeholders have different mandates, concerns, interests, priorities, and preferences. Consequently, stakeholders may have different positions regarding how public health issues related to resource extraction should be addressed. For a policy to be implementable and effective, it needs to have some minimum acceptance and legitimacy across stakeholders. The Q-methodology study (Q-study) explores perspectives of relevant stakeholders in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mozambique, and Tanzania on public health-related policy options in natural resource extraction projects.


The Q-study …

  • identifies general perspectives on public health policy in natural resource extraction among stakeholders.
  • reveals areas of agreement and disagreement between different stakeholder groups.
  • will facilitate a policy dialogue on public health in resource extraction.
  • analyses how to make full use of impact assessments and provides important building-blocks for policy solutions.


Stakeholder views on policy options for managing public health impacts in mining areas