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Research Activities

The HIA4SD project partner in Burkina Faso is the Research Institute of Health Sciences (IRSS). In 2019, the project conducted focus group discussions and interviews in communities near three major gold mining projects in Houndé, Bagassi and Kongoussi health districts. A wide range of local stakeholders, including representatives from the mines, the health care sector and community members were consulted to understand local perceptions of health impacts. In addition, interviews with stakeholders at the central-level within Ministries, mining companies and civil society organizations were conducted to discuss potential policy options for managing health impacts of mining projects.

The results from the first phase of the HIA4SD project have been summarized in a series of documents:

In addition, the HIA4SD project team produced a video showing impressions of the field work in Burkina Faso.

Policy dialogue

Multi-stakeholder workshop in Ouagadougou

A multi-stakeholder workshop was held in Ouagadougou on 30 July 2021. A broad set of high-level participants from the government, ministerial bodies, mining companies and academia discussed on how health can be promoted in industrial mining areas. 

The HIA4SD project team used this opportunity to present the findings from the first phase of the project. The presentations focused on the various impacts of mining projects on community health as well as on policy options identified in the Q-study conducted with various stakeholders from government, the private sector, and civil society from Burkina Faso.

The fruitful discussions were a first step to initiate the ongoing policy dialogue in Burkina Faso. As a next step, the local project team will return to the different mining sites in Burkina Faso where data was collected. There, local authorities and communities will be informed about the findings in order to extend and continue the dialogue at the local level.

The presentations of the workshop can be accessed here

The event was featured on national TV.

Local-level restitution workshop in Houndé, Bagassi and Sabcé

Between 18 and 23 November 2021, separate workshops took place in Bagassi, Houndé and Bagassi. The participants included representatives of the Town Hall, the mines, the health district authorities, local environmental services, civil society organizations, associations and the community. In each workshop, the local-level stakeholders were engaged to discuss on mining-related health aspects in their communities. The workshops featured presentations about the HIA4SD project activities, main results from the research phase of the project and the Q-study, and the next steps in the policy dialogue. In addition to these presentations, the local stakeholders discussed ideas for partnerships with the mines for improving health in their community and laid our options for future health development plans. Overall, the participants appreciated the opportunity to participate in the policy dialogue and to be informed about the research findings of the HIA4SD project.

Click here for a more comprehensive workshop report (French).

Group picture of the meeting in Sabcé

Capacity Building

An integral part of the activities of the HIA4SD project in Burkina Faso is capacity building. The first HIA course took place between 31 May and 2 June 2022 in Ouagadougou. The course aimed to provide a solid understanding of the HIA and raise awareness of its potentials to promote health and well-being. Besides theoretical inputs on the individual steps of the HIA approach, the course included interactive group activities, with emphasis on country-specific case studies. Twenty-three participants from a variety of disciplines and professions took place in the course, including representatives from several ministries, the mining industry, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), and research institutions. The strong engagement of the participants during the course holds promise for the promotion of HIA in Burkina Faso.

Click here for the complete training report (French).

Click here for detailed information on training possibilities.

Engaged participants during the HIA course (photo by Mr. Pitroipa Alain Pascal)