Resource extraction dashboard (RID)

Public monitoring of the economic, social and environmental effect of industrial mining

The transition to renewable energy and a digital economy increases the demand for minerals. The development impact of resource extraction is the green economy’s Achilles heel. The Resource Impact Dashboard (RID) is an evidence-based policy instrument to encourage constructive dialogue between stakeholders about concerns related to economic, social, environmental and institutional outcomes of industrial mining. The RID brings transparency to the mine-site level and promotes sustainable development.


  • Resource Impact Dashboard (RID) informs about the economic, social, and environmental effects of industrial mining.
  • The RID integrates data from government, companies and household surveys
  • Results are available on an open data platform to promote a constructive dialogue and allow to identify relevant contributions from each stakeholder towards improved development outcomes.
  • The RID tracks indicators over time to stimulate continuous improvement.
  • The RID can be applied in any industrial mining site globally by local researchers, by civil society organizations, governments, or mining companies.